Our team consists of passionate kiteboard lovers who can share the sport with an utmost caution, sensibility and affectibility. Our instructors are granted with national and international teaching licences- IKO and KB4-KB5. Always smiling and eager to help, our goal is to bring professionalism into quality. Just as our motto says : Best or nothing!


Bilge Öztürk, whom our school is named after, is undoubtedly one of the leading riders to have put a lot of effort in getting kiteboarding to reach the large masses; has also successfully represented the Republic of Turkey as a national athlete around the world over the years. Being a voluntary kiteboarding ambassador from the day she met the sport, she became an icon who many people directly relate her to. She started competing internationally in 2011 as a national athlete. Aside from being decorated from many national and international competitions; she became the champion in Masters Class and ranked 5th in General Class in 2015 Mercedes Benz European Championship. She’s the national titleholder in both hydrofoil and slalom disciplines. Concurrently, Bilge Öztürk is an accomplished attorney at law. Her celebrated personality and achievements in kiteboarding led her to have press coverage such as interviews and news on TV, in papers and magazines and in the social media. She also made a name in the business life by designing and producing her own line of bags and accessories which have been sold in one of the biggest chain stores in the Republic of Turkey. Bilge is thoroughly involved in every detail of her school from general management to decoration. Her wide network and her comprehensive experience – personal, commecial, legal, athletic- will ensure our school to be the best school in quality and quantity; hand in hand with the unique contribution of our team.


Berna Öztürk is one of the acknowledged riders in the Republic of Turkey who has an IKO(International Kiteboarding Organization) granted instructor licence since 2011. She was entitled to bronze medal in formula discipline in 2012 and 2013, bronze medal in freestyle discipline in 2013 and 2014 in Turkish Nationals and silver medal in freestyle discipline in 2015 Mercedes Benz European Championship held in Bozcaada, the Republic of Turkey. She is the most distinguished DJ/producer/singer with officially released songs and videos. She has performed in many countries and entertained audience from all around the world. She also has a successful career as an actress in cinema, TV and theatre and is a role model for especially youngsters.






Tülin is half Dutch half Turkish and was raised in İstanbul and pursued her education respectively in USA, Spain, the Netherlands. She was introduced to kiteboarding in 2013 which led her to quit her corporate life of 6 years to find a new passion in Akyaka. After quitting her job where she worked as a product manager in Amsterdam, she spent her summer of 2014 following her dream starting from Akyaka. Boracay island, The Phillipines was the winter’s destination where she perfected her skills as a rider. In 2015, by becoming a certified instructor she found a new way of living, learning, teaching, sharing.Following her heart, the wind took her to Cape Town, South Africa, exploring the depths of the sport. She had a taste of the podium in the first race she participated in, Redbull Drag Race 2015 Akyaka, as second runner-up. She speaks Turkish, Dutch, English, Spanish and German.You can always find her in the water teaching or training in the freestyle discipline.