A – ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: Water, Hazards, Other Users, Spot

B – BASIC FLYING SKILLS: Trainer kite (2 lines w safety system), Wind window, Wind effects, Set-up, safety, parts/terminology, Launch theory and international communication signals, Steering the kite, Flying skills.

C – LEI KITE SET-UP AND LAUNCHING: Pumping the kite, Safe carriage and parking, Lines, Bar terminology and safety systems, Connections, Launching, Landing.

D – FLYING A LEI KITE: Flying and settings, QR (Quick Release), Relaunching , Giving/taking the kite, Walking upwind.

E – BASIC BODYDRAG: Downwind figure 8, Sideways power-drag.

F – CONTROLLED BODYDRAG: Upwind bodydrag to recover board, Balanced-sitting bodydrag.

G – KSELF RESCUE TECHNIQUES: Using the kite as a sail, Full pack-down.

H – ABOUT WATER, BEACH AND WEATHER: Rules of Right Of Way, Beach ethics, Wind effects, Tides, Weather conditions.

I – BTHE BOARD: Carrying the board, Settings, Putting-on the board, Recommendations, Water-start.

J – FIRST RIDE: Constant power generation, Controlled speed, Stopping

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