Our school is located at the centre of Akçapınar Cove dominating the kite beach at Gökova Bay, or as many locals and foreigners like to call : the heart and soul of kiteboarding. As a natural result of the synergy and vision of our team, our services satisfy the expectations of our mainstream riders as well as the experienced ones whose hearts have been set on by this sport from the very beginning. Only the outstanding brands and best quality gear/accessories are used and sold in our school.

Considering our nationally and internationally provided services, the unique quality of our IKO and KB4 licenced instructors, the capacity of students and riders; our school is to be the best school in quality and quantity.

All the while making a difference with the position of our school, our team and quality of our service; we are also working on collaborations with celebrities, professional athletes and world famous riders, helping us raising awareness and promoting the sport.

Our services include kiteboarding instructions, gear and accessories rental for every level of riding, storage, repairment and a shop for professional kiting equipment.